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At Copier Service Inc., we value each and every customer. We work hard to go above and beyond and carry quality products.
With over 25 years of Fast, Reliable, Service we must be doing something right. Here is what our customers have to about us:
Dear Copier Service Inc,
Thank you for servicing our 3 locations. You always give us good prices and excellent service.
We can always count on fast, reliable service from Copier Service inc.
Thanks again,
Mr. Lightaul,
I would like to thank you for saving our company a lot of time and money by keeping our copiers running smoothly. We recently had our copier just STOP working in the middle of a huge project. You were there in 20 minutes to get us back up and running.
Thank you, Mrs. Smith
Dear Bob Lightaul,
We are really enjoying our new copier. It has been a time saver and does more than our previous copier ever could. When our copier started having problems you didn't try to run up expensive repair bills, you suggested a preowned copier that would save us operating costs and offered new features.
Jessica Frasier, Computer Outlet
Dear Bob,
We would like to thank you for helping our office run smoothly. We use our copiers 10 hours a day, 6 days a week. With out our copiers we could not do what we do so efficently. Your company is always there when we need you.
All of us at East Coast Medical Group